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I Could Be Good

(c) 2002

My parents are, respectively, a tax attorney and a CPA.  My relatives are all accountants.  Growing up, I was part of the advanced math track.  You've seen Mean Girls, right?  Yeah, I was a Mathlete.  

You can only imagine how thrilled my parents were when I told them I wanted to pursue music as a career.

I got a lot of arched eyebrows.  A lot of disapproving stares.  "How are you going to make money doing that?" became a frequent topic of holiday conversation.  However, I was sure that music was my calling.  That, no matter how difficult the path was, I would eventually navigate it and make a career for myself.

To fight the skepticism, I hunkered down on a barstool in my mother's kitchen and jotted the lyrics to "I Could Be Good" in my math notebook.  

Ah, symbolism. 


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