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Meet The E Team

The folks who make the magic happen...


Mandy Caulkins
Graphic Designer, Merchandising Guru, Facebook Event Coordinator, Keeper of the Retainer, and Email Fairy


Jerry Spain
Booking Agent, Schedule Enforcer, Time Manager, Promotions Whiz, Lyrical Enthusiast and Professional Cowboys Fan

Amanda Lee Caulkins was born in Hillsdale, Michigan in the mid-eighties. Though she shares a middle name with her grandfather and approximately half her cousins, she adopted the nickname Mandy in second grade to create a distinction between her and the other two Amandas in her class. A self-proclaimed homebody in high school, Mandy decided to move to Texas, where she knew no one, to attend college. She majored in Radio-Television-Film and minored in Photography.

Mandy is unconventionally adventurous (see above about moving across the country alone) but sees no reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane or ride roller coasters to puking point. She enjoys traveling, taking pictures, and listening to live music; and when she’s feeling less adventurous, taking naps, coloring with crayons, and visiting other kindergarten pastimes to stay in touch with her inner child.

She met Emmeline during an internship that desensitized them to public embarrassment by requiring that they do the Cha Cha Slide in food courts and grocery store entryways. They bonded over banana bread French toast (which does indeed set off the smoke detector) and blowing up Peeps in the microwave.  The Peeps detonation was captured on video.  The Cha Cha Slide, thankfully, was not.

Jerry Spain has worked for the Federal Government all of his adult life--either with
the military or as a civilian. He constantly won awards for efficiency and was
always in the top of his class in training classes. He attended language school
and finished second in his class, but he has always had a passion for the Arts. In college,
his favorite subject was Art History. He has been an avid reader ever since
he can remember, and has also been a prolific fiction writer and poet. He frequently reads at Mochalux Coffee in Arlington, TX.

Jerry loves museums and history. He also loves music, and prefers to attend 50-60 concerts a
year. In 2010, he attended over 75 Emmeline concerts.  He has very good organizational skills and believes in schedules, diligence, and never giving up on your dreams and beliefs.  He also believes that business meetings are best when they involve Papa Murphy's pizza--even if Emmeline insists on topping it with spinach.  (For the record, the spinach isn't so bad...but nothing beats Little Debbie snacks.)

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