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Because, really, it's all about the music

Recordings and releases so far...

Early Morning Hours 
(c) 2010 Emmeline
Dream Hope Love Records

Track List:
1.  The Story
2.  Give A Damn
3.  Where The Light Is
4.  Not That Girl
5.  Exit
6.  I Could Be Good
7.  A Hundred Years

Early Morning Hours Tour Edition
(c) 2009 Emmeline

Track List:
1.  The Story (Acoustic)
2.  I Could Be Good (Acoustic)
3.  Where The Light Is
4.  A Hundred Years (Acoustic)
5.  Give A Damn
6.  Not That Girl (Demo Version)

Fun Fact:  The first 50 EPs printed were signed, with a limited edition label and a hidden track.  They were only sold at live shows.  The next 150 were signed and numbered.  There were 3 hidden tracks throughout the run of 200.

(Limited copies)
(c) 2009 

1. I Could Be Good
2. Give A Damn
3. Not That Girl


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