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I Could Be Good Lyrics

(c) 2002, Out Loud Publishing

You hang out with doubt
And you hide behind your own concern
But I know too well you're just a little compulsive
You whine and you lie
To yourself about a fairytale world
Yeah, you've got me thinking that you might be impulsive

Well, I'm sorry that my halo's faded
Sorry that your vision's jaded
Technicolor's overrated, so I've heard
You weigh me down with expectations
Skepticism complicates things
I can hear your absent faith in your words

But I think I could be good
And I think you could be proud
I may be misunderstood
But I'm living out loud
I'm eager but tainted
I'm praying for faith
And I think I could be good

Conspire with fire
Burn matches to your fingertips
Is it hard to risk flesh for just a little emotion?
I've been abused 
And consumed by uncertainty
But I've got my set of dreams and I have remained unbroken

Well, I'm a little left of center
I find new ways to descend
I'm lacking confidence, but I'm no house for hate
I can feel your stare on me
Lacking capability
I'm cold with negativity you radiate


You can be so snide
But I'll take your hits in stride
And I'll play it off, though it hurts deep down inside
I want to prove
My worth to you
I could be so much more than your thoughts limit me to



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