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A Hundred Years Lyrics

(C) 2009, Out Loud Publishing

I like to think I walk with purpose
When the spotlight's glaring down
I don't take steps until I'm certain
That my feet will find the ground
And I make sure my paths are straight lines
Yeah, my strides are always sound
But, sometimes, I let myself trip
When there's no one around

I like to keep the world at arm's length
But you got into my space
You tugged at my mask of indifference
And you pulled it off my face
Sometimes, I feel so bare around you
Yeah, I almost feel ashamed

I'm like a catch without the chase
But you make me feel like that's okay

And I don't know what's going on
But I'd like to stay here for a hundred years with you
You turn my poems into songs
And I'm scared to death, but I'd face all my fears for you
I know it shouldn't be that easy
But who said love had to be hard?
I swore I'd never grace the grounds of canyons
But you make me want to fall that far

I stick to plans and stop at red lights
Yeah, I follow all the rules
I go to church and pray to Jesus
Every Sunday around noon
I keep my elbows off the table
And don't say anything too rude
But, sometimes, I let myself curse
When there's no one in the room

I keep a sunny disposition
Even when it hurts to smile
You find me when I feel like crying
And keep me laughing all the while
You wear your heart out on your sleeve
You're just as honest as a child

And when you're sad, tears fall like rain
But when you grin, the stars seem plain


I like to think I walk with purpose
Your stride's no faster than a snooze
My steps are always quick and curt, but
I don't mind slowing down for you
You make me stop to take a breath
I make sure you always follow through

And there is not a word that tastes
As lovely to me as your name


I like to think I walk with purpose
And I'm headed straight to you


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