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You & I Lyrics

(C) 2006, Out Loud Publishing

Do you notice me?
When I'm passing you by
Do I ever catch your eye?
Do you think of me?
'Cause you still cross my mind
And it pierces me inside

'Cause though I smile nonchalantly when I think that you're there
I still want you to want me, I still want you to care
Whoa, your memory haunts me, and it's stripping me bare

It's been so long since you and I
Were you and I
But I can still taste your lips on mine, and babe
It's been so long since you and I
Have taken time
To ring each other and listen 'cross the wire
I'm not depressed, I'm just contemplating
And I must confess that lately I've been missing
You and I
You and I

Did you care for me?
I cried an ocean of tears
Just wanting you to be near
Did you memorize me?
From the set of my eyes
To the curve of my thighs

Each night in bed, I feel a chill reminding me you're absent
It's been a century, but still I feel your hands on my skin
The paths they made burn into me until composure caves in


I spent so many nights learning to live with nothing
I just wanted to be something
Didn't we used to be something?



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