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Over You Lyrics

(C) 2007, Out Loud Publishing

I think I'm done lying in wait
And I think I'm done lying in hate
I had an appetite you used to satiate
You were a pretty boy; now, you're just pretty late
And I've never had much patience anyway

You see, I think I'm tired of your face
And wondering why you never look at me that way
I've spent half a lifetime trying to trap your gaze
But, baby, I don't think you're ever going to change
And I'm not getting any younger in this place
In this place

I was a summer girl who got caught in your winter (whoa)
You were so damn cold, but God, your lips could quiver (whoa)
I was dumbstruck by the beauty of your blizzard (whoa)
So, I stumbled through your snow and tried not to shiver
You're all witty rhymes and pretty lies
Sometimes the sun shone through your smile
It felt almost like looking in the mirror
But you promised me nothing, and you delivered
So I'm getting over you

I tried my best to be so good
When you needed me to come around, I would
But when you promised me the sky, then pulled the wool
I bit my tongue and always understood
I gave away more than anybody should
Anyone should


I think I'm done lying in wait
You're a disease that I can shake



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