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The Fact of The Matter Lyrics

(C) 2008, Out Loud Publishing

I thought you were going to be perfect
'Cause your hands, they were warm, and your smile was bright
You'd enter the room, and my world would stop turning
My heart ceased to beat with one look in your eyes

Can't identify what you do, but it's working
I'm a tough nut to crack, but I've been hypnotized
I'm the candle you lit at both ends and I'm burning
I'm all wax, flames, and ash, and I've fallen behind

You packed your bags and walked away
But I still burn for you each day, because

You didn't care enough to repair what you'd broken
You never tried to take back all the words that you'd spoken
You just keep letting go, and I'm the one holding on

I thought we were going to be something
'Cause you found me in darkness and you held me close
There was something about me that you found comforting
I was always around when you needed to cope

You said you loved me for my strength
Well, I've got nothing left for you to take


I've never seen myself as optimistic
But you made me believe for a little while
I've never put much stock in altruistic
But I had so much faith in your smile

You said you loved me for my strength
Well, I'm finally strong enough to break


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