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About A Boy Lyrics

(C) 2006, Out Loud Publishing

It's a little after two a.m.
The sky is touching treetops
They're both black 
And I'm still crying over you

I've been running from your memory since the sun went down
And now the porch lights glisten in the dark like candles
And the candles and I
We're melting down
I'm melting down, oh

'Cause I knew you, I knew you well
I knew you, I knew you well
And I guess I thought you knew me

You were a friend before you ever were a foe
We'd frequent playgrounds
Weaving insults into clever conversation
You laid your heart out on the plastic picnic table
Told me all the ways she broke you
All the while you scooted closer on the bench

And your story
About the way you loved the tall brunette Pavlova
Became the story about your knees brushing mine

'Cause I knew you, I knew you well
I knew you, I knew you well
And I guess I thought you knew me

It was midnight on a Saturday
You stumbled up the stairs and asked for privacy
You touched my hand, oh
But your lips upon mine felt like a transgression
Against us
Against the world
The sweetest sin I'd ever known

(Piano interlude)

Only silence now

Once you said I was the girl haunting your dreams
Filling the spaces in your head
Taking up time that wasn't mine
So I stopped taking
And you stopped dreaming
The words you didn't say collected like leaves
They crunched beneath your feet as you walked away

We were lovers once in mind
Then we were strangers

'Cause I knew you, I knew you well
Now I miss you so

I never said "I love you"
But I might have meant it
What do I know?
What do you know?
What do we know?
Yeah, what do we know now?


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