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Apathetic Lyrics

(c) 2006, Out Loud Publishing

Look up and around you, baby
Get up off the floor
You've been just surviving lately, baby
What you living for?

You know you've got two cold black eyes in your heavy head
I see you feed on lies as you inch towards dread
You're writhing on cold tile in your misery
And though you've been beguiling, you can't fool me

You're courting apathy and you're lacking in love
Encountered fallacies, and now they're eating you up
Your imperfections are clearer
You're throwing stones at a mirror
You're searching for a solution
You're not alone

You've been looking gloomy, honey
How long since you've smiled?
When's the last time you felt lovely, honey?
Must've been awhile

You close your eyes and dream of knives sliding over skin
You've led a thousand lives to a bitter end
And though you slink through darkness and settle in
I know your bloodless heart longs to beat again


Baby, where's your motivation?
You need a little room to breathe
You're stuck in this slow sedation
Your tired eyes bleed right through me

You looked oh, so lovely
When you were last alive
Though your pulse still has feeling
It takes all your energy to get through the night



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