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Just Friends

(c) 2008

Sometimes, you fall in like with a guy who is "just a friend."  And while you know that he sees you as "just a friend," you start thinking that, maybe, if you did these nice things for him (like laundry), he might see you as more than "just a friend."  So, one day, you're answering the phone at midnight.  The next day, you're doling out quarters and folding t-shirts.

Eventually, you realize that your master plan isn't working.  That all of those times you've said yes, you should've just said no.  

You realize that, if he's going to like you, he needs to like you because you rock, not because you do his dishes and pass notes to his crush.

So...this song is about learning to put your foot down and say no when you mean no.

This song is about how NOT to be a doormat.  Because seriously?  You're too cool for that.


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